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GST Assessment / Demand and Recovery Forms

SNoForm NoAvailable ForDescriptionType
1FORM GST ASMT – 01For taxpayerApplication for Provisional Assessment under section 60Assessment
2FORM GST ASMT – 02For Tax OfficialNotice for Seeking Additional Information / Clarification / Documents for provisional assessmentAssessment
3FORM GST ASMT – 03For taxpayerReply to the notice seeking additional informationAssessment
4FORM GST ASMT – 04For Tax OfficialOrder of Provisional AssessmentAssessment
5FORM GST ASMT – 05For taxpayerFurnishing of SecurityAssessment
6FORM GST ASMT – 06For Tax OfficialNotice for seeking additional information / clarification / documents for final assessmentAssessment
7FORM GST ASMT – 07For Tax OfficialFinal Assessment OrderAssessment
8FORM GST ASMT – 08For taxpayerApplication for Withdrawal of SecurityAssessment
9FORM GST ASMT – 09For Tax OfficialOrder for release of security or rejecting the applicationAssessment
10FORM GST ASMT – 10For Tax OfficialNotice for intimating discrepancies in the return after scrutinyAssessment
11FORM GST ASMT – 11For taxpayerReply to the notice issued under section 61 intimating discrepancies in the returnAssessment
12FORM GST ASMT–12For Tax OfficialOrder of acceptance of reply against the notice issued under section 61Assessment
13FORM GST ASMT – 13For Tax OfficialAssessment order under section 62Assessment
14FORM GST ASMT – 14For Tax OfficialShow Cause Notice for assessment under section 63Assessment
15FORM GST ASMT – 15For Tax OfficialAssessment order under section 63Assessment
16FORM GST ASMT – 16For Tax OfficialAssessment order under section 64Assessment
17FORM GST ASMT – 17For taxpayerApplication for withdrawal of assessment order issued under section 64Assessment
18FORM GST ASMT – 18For Tax OfficialAcceptance or Rejection of application filed under section 64 (2)Assessment
1FORM GST DRC – 01For Tax OfficialSummary of Show Cause NoticeDemand and Recovery
2FORM GST DRC -02For Tax OfficialSummary of StatementDemand and Recovery
3FORM GST DRC -03For TaxpayerIntimation of payment made voluntarily or made against the show cause notice (SCN) or statementDemand and Recovery
4FORM GST DRC – 04For Tax OfficialAcknowledgement of acceptance of payment made voluntarilyDemand and Recovery
5FORM GST DRC- 05For Tax OfficialIntimation of conclusion of proceedingsDemand and Recovery
6FORM GST DRC – 06For TaxpayerReply to the Show Cause NoticeDemand and Recovery
7FORM GST DRC-07For Tax OfficialSummary of the orderDemand and Recovery
8FORM GST DRC – 08For Tax OfficialSummary of Rectification /Withdrawal OrderDemand and Recovery
9FORM GST DRC – 09For Tax OfficialOrder for recovery through specified officer under section 79Demand and Recovery
10FORM GST DRC – 10For Tax OfficialNotice for Auction of Goods under section 79 (1) (b) of the ActDemand and Recovery
11FORM GST DRC – 11For Tax OfficialNotice to successful bidderDemand and Recovery
12FORM GST DRC – 12For Tax OfficialSale CertificateDemand and Recovery
13FORM GST DRC – 13For Tax OfficialNotice to a third person under section 79(1) (c)Demand and Recovery
14FORM GST DRC – 14For Tax OfficialCertificate of Payment to a Third PersonDemand and Recovery
15FORM GST DRC-15For Tax OfficialApplication before the Civil Court requesting Execution for a DecreeDemand and Recovery
16FORM GST DRC – 16For Tax OfficialNotice for attachment and sale of immovable / movable goods / shares under section 79Demand and Recovery
17FORM GST DRC – 17For Tax OfficialNotice for Auction of Immovable/ Movable Property under section 79(1) (d)Demand and Recovery
18FORM GST DRC – 18For Tax OfficialCertificate action under clause (e) of sub-section (1) section 79Demand and Recovery
19FORM GST DRC – 19For TaxpayerApplication to the Magistrate for Recovery as FineDemand and Recovery
20FORM GST DRC – 20For TaxpayerApplication for Deferred Payment/Payment in InstalmentsDemand and Recovery
21FORM GST DRC – 21For Tax OfficialOrder for acceptance/rejection of application for deferred payment / payment in instalmentsDemand and Recovery
22FORM GST DRC – 22For Tax OfficialProvisional attachment of property under section 83Demand and Recovery
23FORM GST DRC – 23For Tax OfficialRestoration of provisionally attached property / bank account under section 83Demand and Recovery
24FORM GST DRC-24For Tax OfficialIntimation to Liquidator for recovery of amountDemand and Recovery
25FORM GST DRC – 25For Tax OfficialContinuation of Recovery ProceedingsDemand and Recovery